Buy a Used Car from a Dealer

If you’re on the hunt for a used car, you may be wondering whether to purchase from a dealership or directly from a private seller. This guide will help you to understand the benefits of purchasing your used vehicle from a reputable dealership near Greenville, Washington, or New Bern that you can trust.

Reliable Reputation

The dealership probably has a solid reputation for selling great used cars since they’ve likely sold thousands of used cars already. Not only does this provide you with peace of mind, but you also know that they’re dedicated to upholding this reputation so they’ll get more customers like you in the future.

The dealership has nothing to gain from selling you a lemon. If they were known for selling cars that end up having serious problems, they wouldn’t keep getting used car customers. A private seller is probably not planning to sell another used car anytime soon, so their reputation is not as important. A private seller may therefore be motivated to lie about the condition of the vehicle.

Certified Pre-Owned

Many dealerships carry cars that have been certified pre-owned, which means they have been inspected and received any necessary repairs or restorations to bring them back to their original factory condition. These cars will give you additional peace of mind as they’re almost like buying a car brand new with absolutely no flaws. You may also receive a manufacturer warranty on your certified pre-owned vehicle, so you have some added protection.


If you already have a car that you’re looking to replace, you could benefit from a dealer trade-in program. Many dealerships will accept your current vehicle as part of your payment for your pre-owned vehicle purchase, which can make your purchase much more affordable. You’ll also avoid the hassle of trying to resell your old vehicle yourself.


An added convenience of purchasing a car at a dealership is that the dealer will take care of all the associated paperwork for you. The title and registration must be transferred, and attempting to complete the appropriate paperwork on your own can be difficult and confusing. You’ll save yourself the time and hassle by going through a dealer.

Dealer Financing

Another way that a dealer can help you pay for your used car is by offering financing services. You can go directly through your dealer to get access to a loan that will work with your budget so you can comfortably pay off your car purchase.

Loan companies are more likely to provide a loan for a used car from a dealership since they are aware of the dealer’s good reputation. Many banks are concerned that a private seller has not adequately described the car’s condition and may not even offer loans for cars purchased from a private seller.

Buy a Used Car from a Dealer

Now that you understand all the benefits of buying your used car directly from a dealership, you can begin your search! It’s easy to browse the used car inventory from Pecheles Automotive online, so you can see exactly what we have in stock. We can’t wait to get you behind the wheel of a fantastic used car for your commute around Greenville, Washington, and New Bern. Contact us today!


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