How Kelley Blue Book® and Black Book Can Aid in Your Car Search

When Greenville, Washington, and New Bern drivers are on the hunt for their next car, one thing that will always be on their minds is pricing. After all, you want to know that you’re getting the best deal for your next car.

If you’re wondering about the true value of a vehicle, you can always refer to online resources, such as Kelley Blue Book® and Black Book. The team at Pecheles Automotive is here to help you understand the differences between the two.

Which is the More Accurate Option?

When it comes time to buy your next car, you’d rather there not be any surprises in the pricing department, right? You’ve got a tight budget after all, and you’re going to need to stick relatively close to it.

The Kelley Blue Book® and the Black Book are both highly trusted in this respect; though the former, being the older resource, has been used more widely (since 1918!). While at one time, this option only offered information on pre-owned cars, it has since started offering values for new cars, too.

The Black Book may not be used as much, but it is said to offer the more accurate pricing. This is likely because the Black Book is a little bit more detailed. So, despite the extra time it might take to use it, you may want to check it out.

Kelley Blue Book® vs Black Book: Two Different Purposes

If we could sum up these two resources in the simplest way possible, it would be this: Kelley Blue Book® is geared more towards pre-owned cars, whereas Black Book is more about new cars. So, how does this major difference affect your user experience?

Well, think of it this way. As a mere driver, you may not be interested in as many specifics when valuing a car. You just want to know how much you should expect to pay for it, so you can shape your budget accordingly. Likewise, if you’re a driver who’s looking to sell a car accordingly, you just want a baseline price. That way, no buyer can argue you with you over the car’s value.

In both these cases, Kelley Blue Book® will be a huge help for you. It was designed specifically to be easy for drivers to use. You’ll have a fair value for your car before you know it.

Black Book, with its many iterations, including premium subscriber wholesale pricing content, is a bit more involved. Since it deals with new cars, it’s a perfect tool for dealerships also looking to sell a car for the fairest possible price.

The Time Has Come to Find Your Next Used Car

Once you decide that the time has come to buy a car, we know that you won’t be interested in waiting around any longer. However, Kelley Blue Book® can make it easy for you. As a matter of fact, using their value calculator should only take a few minutes of your time.

You can also narrow down search results based on your tastes. Most drivers have a preference for make or model, or even color. Kelley Blue Book® understands this. With their filters, you can include all this information and more in your used car search.

Finding Your Used Car is Easier Than You Think

At Pecheles Automotive, we believe that finding your next car should always be a simple and fun process. Online resources like Kelley Blue Book® or Black Book can certainly help, but so can we. All Greenville, Washington, and New Bern drivers can see this for themselves by visiting us today!



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