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Pecheles Automotive is giving back to the Pitt County School System, in an effort to show support for the Positive Behavioral Intervention and Support program. Throughout this upcoming school year, Pecheles Automotive will be sponsoring a social media campaign to drum up support and interest in this supportive program. Every school in Pitt County will have an opportunity to participate. Every month, a winning school will be announced throughout the school year. Winning schools will be awarded a $1,000 grant from Pecheles Automotive, to be put towards the purchase of materials for their individual PBIS programs. Click here to learn more.

  • A.G. Cox Middle School
  • Ayden Elementary
  • Ayden Middle School
  • Ayden-Grifton High School
  • Belvori Elementary
  • Bethel School
  • Chicod School
  • C.M. Eppes Middle School
  • Creekside Elementary
  • D.H. Conley High School
  • E.B.Aycock Middle School
  • Eastern Elementary
  • Elmhurst Elementary
  • Falkland Elementary
  • Farmville Central High School
  • Farmville Middle School
  • Grifton School
  • H.B. Sugg & Sam D. Bundy Elementary
  • Hope Middle School
  • J.H. Rose High School
  • Lakeforest Elementary
  • North Pitt High School
  • Northwest Elementary
  • Pactolus School
  • Pitt County Schools
  • Pitt Co. Early College High School
  • Ridgewood Elementary
  • South Central High School
  • South Greenville Elementary
  • Stokes School
  • W.H. Robinson Elementary
  • Wahl-Coates Elementary

The Pecheles Automotive Group will be donating a total of $10,000 to Pitt County Schools for the 2017-18 school year. The funds are to be dispersed monthly in $1,000 increments based on the monthly contest winner. The funds must be put towards your school’s PBIS program.
The schools will be broken down into the following categories based on population size. Schools not listed do not have a PBIS program or have not yet implemented the program. Please correct us if this is not the case!

Group 1 (200 – 400)
Ayden Middle, Bethel School, Elmhurst Elementary, Falkland Elementary, Northwest Elementary, Stokes School, Wellcome Middle

Group 2 (401 – 550)
Belvoir Elementary, C.M. Eppes Middle, G.R. Whitfield School, Grifton School, Pactolus School, South Greenville Elementary, Wahl-Coates Elementary

Group 3 (551 – 750)
Ayden Elementary, Creekside Elementary, Farmville Middle, Hope Middle , Ridgewood Elementary, W.H. Robinson Elementary

Group 4 (751 – 850)
A.G. Cox Middle, Eastern Elementary, H.B. Sugg/Sam D. Bundy Elementary, E.B. Aycock Middle, Farmville Central High, Lakeforest Elementary

Group 5 (851 – +++)
Chicod School, D.H. Conley High, J.H. Rose High, North Pitt High, Wintergreen Primary/ Intermediate

This is a social media contest, so the more awareness you spread, the better your school will perform. This will increase your likelihood of winning! The rulesdisclaimer, and additional information can be found on

To take part, schools must perform the following actions:
a. Like Joe Pecheles on Facebook (
b. Find the album containing school photo logos (album link –
c. Like, comment, and share on your schools logo
d. Each action performed on a schools logo picture is worth a point
e. 1 single person is eligible to contribute up to 3 points for their school
f. A tally will be conducted at 11:59 p.m. on the last Thursday of the month
g. The winner will be announced on the last Friday of the month
h. Have fun with the contest. If you don’t win the first round you have a chance to win again when your group has a second chance.

Round Breakdown:
September: Round 1 for Group 1
October: Round 1 for Group 2
November: Round 1 for Group 3
December: Round 1 for Group 4
January: Round 1 for Group 5
February: Round 2 for Group 1
March: Round 2 for Group 2
April: Round 2 for Group 3
May: Round 2 for Group 4
June: Round 2 for Group 5

For more information please contact:
German Llodrat
Digital Marketing Director
Pecheles Automotive Group
252-756-1135 ext 238


Becky Alford
Executive Assistant to Brian Pecheles, President
Pecheles Automotive Group
(o) 252-756-1135

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