Buying a Used Car: Best Questions to Ask

Searching for a faithful used car to take on the streets of Greenville, Washington, and New Bern is easy when you know exactly what you’re looking for. When it comes time to buy one, your local used car dealership is the best place to ask any question you may have.

Before you visit us at Pecheles Automotive, be sure to read through this article on the questions to ask when buying a used car. We’ll discuss the top subjects on the used car-buying process and the importance of each inquiry. After reading through the information, buying your next used vehicle will be easy.

What Questions Should I Be Asking?

To make sure you find your perfect pre-owned car, you should think about what exactly you want, whether it be a fuel-efficient compact car, a reliable SUV, or a powerful pickup truck. After you’ve thought about the kind of vehicle you want and need for your lifestyle, head to the dealership and ask the questions below…

What’s the mileage like on this car?

Knowing how many miles a used car has is important because it helps determine how much longer the car can be on the road before it’s beyond repair. Drivers can typically drive up to 200,000 miles before they get a new vehicle. If you see a car you like that has that many miles on it, you should think about any potential maintenance it may need in the future.

What state is the used vehicle in?

You may have already taken a look at it, but you still want to know the condition of the car. This deals with more than just the outward appearance. Be sure to check for any paint chips or dents, and also ask about the internal parts of the car, like the engine and transmission, to see if they’re working properly.

Is there a CARFAX Vehicle History Report™ with this vehicle?

Before you purchase a used car, ask to see the vehicle history report. This way, you’ll know if the previous owner (or owners) took it for routine maintenance. You’ll also see if the vehicle had any major repairs done to it from being in a possible collision.

Is it possible to test drive the vehicle?

The car looks great overall, but how does it feel when you’re behind the wheel? Taking it on a test drive is the final and most important step of the car searching process. When you take it out for a drive, listen for any strange noises in the car. Brake suddenly when it’s safe, so you can gauge the response time. Also, take note of how the steering wheel feels on straight roads and around tight corners. This will determine if this is your ideal vehicle.

Buy a Used Vehicle Today!

By asking the above questions, you’ll be able to determine which used car you want to drive home in. If you’re searching for plenty of high-quality used vehicles, along with the finance and service you need, then visit Pecheles Automotive today. We’ll get you in your dream used car and on the roads of Greenville, Washington, and New Bern in no time.


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