Your Used Car Buyer’s Tips

Have you ever purchased a used car in the Greenville, Washington, or New Bern areas before? If not (or even if you have), you may have a few questions regarding how to get through the process as quickly and smoothly as possible.

At Pecheles Automotive, we’re all about connecting drivers with the perfect match, which is why we’ve put together this handy guide full of tips to help you buy your next used car.

Understand What You’re Looking For

When it comes to buying used cars, you may know what you want as far as the cosmetic details. You may even have a color or interior trim preference. Do you also know what kind of engine you prefer? Or what kind of included technologies are the most appealing?

Make a list of your favorite models. From here, check out their manufacturer’s page. Going through the specs and features is a great way to determine if the car is for you.

Quality Assurance

So, the car you’ve picked out might look pretty good online or in pictures. However, does this image hold up in person? To figure this out, you’re going to have to pay the vehicle a visit and give it a little inspection yourself.

At this point, you’re mainly going to be looking for small cosmetic issues. Make sure that none of the glass is cracked and that there’s no chipping paint. Look at the tires and make sure they have tread. You may even want to get on your knees and check for underbody rust.

Inside the car, you’ll be looking for much the same issues: stains, tears, and any sort of odd smell. Make sure the car meets your high expectations!

A Second Opinion Can’t Hurt

Like we said before, it’s not hard for you to notice the cosmetic things with a once-over. Still, how do you know what possible problems may be lying under the hood of the car? Without years of experience and knowledge, these issues may go unnoticed.

These is why we like to suggest looking for a second opinion, too. Bring in a trained mechanic to take a look at the engine. If in their unbiased opinion the car is solid and lives up to its claims, then you shouldn’t hesitate to consider it a little more seriously.

Get a True Feel for the Car with a Test Drive

You’ve looked over the car, and so has a mechanic. Still, there’s one crucial step remaining in the process: the test drive. Getting behind the wheel is the only way to know if a car is truly right for you. Test its engine response, braking power, and turn radius. If all feel right, this may be the car for you.

Ready to Put These Tips into Action?

Now that you’ve read through all these tips, it might be time to put them to good use. You can do so by checking out the Pecheles Automotive inventory online today. We’ve got exactly the used car you need to make it safely (and stylishly) around the Greenville, Washington, and New Bern areas.


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