Tis The Season to be Driving

As you all know the Holiday season is just about to start. That means good food, ugly sweaters, and seeing loved ones that you don't get to see that often. Drivers travel 50 miles or more just to see their loved ones for the holiday season, the most long-distant traveled season of the year. I'm here to tell you what I think is important when driving on these long journeys to ensure a safe and happy holiday season.

Prepare your car. If you are in fact traveling a long distance, then you need to make sure your car is running well. Check your oil, transmission, and other fluids are up to date. If you're driving in icy conditions I'd suggest a good pair of tires for your car as well.

Check the weather. Some of us may run into some risky weather while traveling, like snow, sleet, or rain. Make sure you know the weather you're driving into. Stay on main roads when driving in icy and snowy conditions. Most importantly stay alert and be aware of your surroundings.

Know where you're going. Make sure you have a general idea of your route before taking off. Get your GPS ready before hand or make sure there's someone next to you reading out the directions. It can be very dangerous when you're constantly changing directions quickly because you keep missing that turn.

Decrease distractions. Stay off the phone. We all know that texting and driving doesn't mix well and neither does talking on it. So put that phone away, you'll be more alert and probably will get to your destination faster! We all know during a long trip the kids start to get bored saying things like "Are we there yet? Are we there yet?" Their safety is even more important to you than your own. Set some car rules for them to follow so they know that it is important not to distract you so that you can get everyone safely to the destination.

Don't Drink and Drive. Nearly half of all traffic fatalities are alcohol related on January 1st. If you're going to drink, do so responsibly and have an alternate plan ready if you are not able to drive. This isn't just for the new year but as well as Thanksgiving and Christmas. You're with your loved ones celebrating having a good time don't ruin it by getting behind the wheel when you're not able to drive.

                  There is an increase of more than 50% driver on the road during the holiday season. The more cars on the road the more increased chance there is for collisions. It is our job, as drivers, to be aware of all the risk factors there are when driving long distances, and also to know that these risks increase during the holiday season. The holidays are for celebrating and spending time with family and friends who you don't get to see that often. Stay safe and enjoy the holiday season like you're supposed to.

Written by,

Emily Trotta

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