The New Audi A3 Sedan: The Luxury Compact Car Goes Big

Winning the 2015 World Car of the Year for its premium design, craftsmanship and impressive performance shows just how the compact luxury Audi A3 performs: it likes to go big.

Shining a Light on Design

With clean and chiseled lines, the A3 has exterior styling that’s less flash and more substance. Its available class-exclusive full LED headlights shine much brighter than halogen and Xenon headlights, making it clear how the A3 has design that outshines the competition. This is beauty -- and brawn.

Lighter is Faster (and Smarter)

A guiding philosophy behind Audi ultra lightweight technology is to reduce weight to increase performance. Both Audi ASF® aluminum construction and aluminum hybrid construction exemplify this by increasing structural strength, while reducing mass. Applying this principle throughout all our vehicles ultimately gives rise to superior agility, acceleration and increased efficiency -- a solid philosophy to get behind.

Get a Grip on Handling

Handling performance is integral into our DNA. Whether you’re navigating city streets or the open road, the A3 shows off its German-tuned handling traits everywhere it goes. And with the available quattro® all-wheel drive system, the A3 can help you get a grip in just about any driving situation.*

Small in Size, Big on Power

By turbocharging its engines, the A3 can use a smaller engine to get the same power as a bigger one, without compromising fuel efficiency. With your choice of two turbocharged TFSI® engines, or a turbocharged TDI clean diesel, the A3 proves that the best things really do come in smaller packages.

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