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How to Change Windshield Wipers

Keeping your driving view clear and streak-free, windshield wipers are one car part that we tend to take for granted until they stop working.

The good news is, if your car’s windshield wipers are due for a replacement, swapping them out yourself is relatively straightforward. To help our local drivers in Greenville, Washington, and New Bern brush up on their wiper blade changing skills, Pecheles Auto put together the following step-by-step guide to changing out your windshield wipers.

Wipers Need Changing When…

First, we wanted to take a step back and verify that it’s time for a new wiper blade set. Your windshield wipers should be replaced if:

  • you see cracks in the rubber.
  • they’re making poor contact with the glass.
  • you see visible streaks, even after wiping the blade clean with a cloth.
  • it’s been over a year since you last changed them out.

Now, without further ado, here’s how to change out your windshield wipers:

Buy the Right Wipers

A critical part of successfully changing out your wipers is buying the right replacements! The wrong wiper blades could cause damage to your windshield, so it’s important that you buy blades made for your vehicle’s make, model, and year to ensure the best performance.

You can also consult your vehicle’s owner’s manual to see if there is any additional direction from the manufacturer.

Remove the Old Wiper Blade

To change your car’s windshield wiper blades, you’ll need to first remove the old blades that are attached to the wiper arms.

  • Lift one wiper arm away from the windshield, if you look closely you’ll see a small hinge where the wiper blade and the arm connect.
  • To get the old blade free, depress this hinge while pulling the blade from its center down toward the bottom of the wiper arm.

Note: after you’ve removed the blade, don’t leave your blade-less wiper vertical and unattended. Without the rubber blade, the metal wiper frame could scratch or damage your windshield.

Line Up and Click the New Wiper Blade into Place

Once you have the old blade out, it’s time to line the new blade up so that it will connect correctly to the wiper.

  • Line up the hook on the arm over the plastic hinge on the new wiper blade.
  • To secure it, push the blade firmly to the arm. You should hear a satisfying click when everything’s lined up right.
  • Lower the arm back down to the windshield.
  • Perform the same procedure by first removing the other wiper blade.

Find New Wiper Blades or Replacement Help at Pecheles Auto

We hope this post helped you replace your windshield wiper blades on your own. However, there’s no shame in having a professional change them out for you either!

For that, Greenville, Washington, and New Bern area drivers can count on the service experts at Pecheles Automotive. Our parts shops offer OEM wiper blades for a variety of makes including VolkswagenFordHondaHyundaiToyota, and Mitsubishi. Our certified technicians are well-versed in all preventative maintenance procedures, from replacing wiper blades to changing motor oil.

Thanks for learning with us!

The Pecheles Auto Team