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When Should I Replace My Tires?

When you should replace your vehicle’s tires isn’t the same for other drivers. Ultimately, a tire’s lifespan is the product of its environment, how long its driven, and the care it receives.

To help our local drivers in Greenville, Washington, and New Bern get the answer they need, Pecheles Automotive put together the following worn-out tire warning signs. Check them out below!

Old Tires

The longer you own your existing set of tires and the more miles you put on it, the more wear it receives. Generally, tires should be checked by a professional technician once a year and thoroughly inspected at the 5-year mark.

Not sure how old your tires are? All tires feature an identification number that includes the week and year it was manufactured. Look for the last 4 digits in the 15-digit identifier that starts with “DOT” located on the sidewall.

If your tires get up into the double digits, it’s time to get them changed out. Even if they appear to still be in good condition, from a safety perspective, 10 years is considered the industry limit at which it’s best to have them replaced.

Shallow Tread Depth

If upon visual inspection, your tires show any sign of uneven wear, punctures, cracked sidewalls, etc., you’re likely due for a new set.

If there are no blemishes or inconsistencies you can see, one of the most widely accepted ways to gauge a tire’s condition is to measure its tread depth all the way around the tire.

Insert a coin (a quarter in the winter and a penny in the summer), into the tread with the head facing down. What do you see? If the top of the head of the figure on the coin is visible, your tires have barely any tread left, indicating it’s time to replace your tires.

Rough Drive Feel

If you notice strange vibrations or an extra bumpy ride while driving, if could be a call for help from your tires or your vehicle’s suspension. Regardless, as soon as you notice a change in your car’s normal drive feel, slow down and pull over to a safe location.

Check the pressure of each tire and look for wear or punctures. If you don’t see any red flags, carefully proceed to your local vehicle service provider for a professional diagnosis.

Schedule Tire Service with Pecheles Automotive

If you experience any of the above warning signs, it’s crucial that you bring your vehicle in for service and a tire change out ASAP! Luckily for drivers in Greenville, Washington, and New Bern, there’s a Pecheles Automotive provider in the area to service your vehicle with care and precision.

Whether you drive a VolkswagenToyotaHondaHyundaiAudiFord, or Mitsubishi, we have you covered with complete tire care conducted by certified technicians. They can also help with routine maintenance that’ll help you get the most use out of your tire set. Click the linked text above to your car’s make to schedule an appointment today!