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3 Smart Reasons Why to Buy a Used Car

If you’re interested in saving on your next car, buying pre-owned is a wise investment!

To help our local car shoppers in Greenville, Washington, and New Bern see the benefits of buying used and understand if it’s the right choice for them, Pecheles Automotive put together the following post on three smart reasons why to buy a used car.

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1. A Used Car Is Your Budget’s Friend.

used dealerWe know all too well that needing a new car and having the appropriate funds to buy one don’t always coincide. Right now, maybe you’re saving up for a house or need to stow away a few more bucks for your monthly bills. If that’s the case, a used car will be your budget’s friend, while a new one could be its foe.

Remember: The instant a new car is driven off the lot, its value drops (or depreciates) by 10%. Then, yet again, within the first year of ownership, it depreciates another 10%. Buying a gently used, 1-year-old car with an initial MSRP of $35,000 would save you $7,000 right off the bat just from depreciation.

2. Used Cars Are More Dependable Than They’ve Ever Been.

Imagine test driving a used car.

Now, are you in the driver’s seat of the beater you drove when you first got your license, crossing your fingers at startup? That’s not how today’s used cars are. If you purchase a used car that’s 5 years old or less, you won’t be manually rolling down windows or ignoring a symphony of strange noises coming from under the hood.

Today’s cars last longer (an average of 11.4 years, according to research by R.L. Polk & Company), and in the grand scheme of things, missing the first couple of years of a car’s life doesn’t mean you’ve missed its prime.

3. Vehicle History Reports Bring Answers & Peace of Mind.

UsedCarHandShakeThanks to modern-day vehicle history reports, the largely fill-in-the-blank mystery that used to shroud buying a used car is no more.

See the most recent mileage report, number of previous owners, accident history, and more. With one of these easily accessible verified documents in hand, you have everything you need to know in order to make a well-educated decision about each car you review.

Want even more peace of mind? Check out certified pre-owned vehicles, many of which come with extended or reinstated bumper-to-bumper warranties, rigorous inspection records, and benefits like roadside assistance.

Time to Test Out Your Used Car Training

As you can see, buying a used car has many benefits. If you’re on a budget and looking to buy a used car in the Greenville, Washington, or New Bern area, check out Pecheles Automotive’s extensive used car stash.

We have a great selection of sedans, SUVs, and pickup trucks, each of which includes an official CARFAX Vehicle History Report™ that you can conveniently view online. Get shopping by contacting us today!